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Couchsurfing Horror Stories Reloaded

Yeah after my very crazy and sometimes very bad experiences I thought it could be not worser.
What a mistake...

I had 3 American Girls in my flat, two from Vermont and one from New York.
First of all they where to early at my flat so I can’t clean it before…that made me a little bit unconfortable but ok..
Second they didn’t speak a lot.

But ok we went out together the first night, I was really drunk (without alkohol I can’t listen to them..)
and it was ok.

Then I made a joke (ok an bad ironic one but I told them..).
I have a very big knife (picture below) and I said in a funny way (because they asked what I am doing with this knife) “tonight I will kill you all with this knife, thats my couchsurfing killer knife”.

Knife of the Death

Knife of the Death

Ok let’s take a look.
They where scared like hell and I can’t understand this, because really this fucking knife is only for cooking and I told them maybe 100 times it was just a Joke.

In this night between 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock they run away from my flat…
Thats so amazing crazy…

OK girls when you read this:
There is no place to hide! HRHRHRHR


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