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Hello Couchsurfers,
some impressions from my life for you:

Some friends of the your host

Some friends of the your host

A picture of the Workplace of your Host

A picture of the Workplace of your Host

A close friend of your host

A close friend of your host


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Yeah hi again my lovely Couchsurfing friends.

So there they are the new Couchsurfing Stories.

My third experience to be a host is now 3 months ago…it was one of the best experiences.

I had two french girls in my flat – beautiful, intelligent, funny and always smiling.

So we had a lot fun together, i showed them the City and all of the great signs in Berlin.

The last day we went out together, as always with my couchsurfers i get really drunk – they to, so we decided to party the whole night together.

At 9 o’clock in the morning we went back to my flat.

In this night 5 people asked me for drugs, 2 want to sell me drugs, 3 people started to make love in the middle of a club and the rest was drunk like hell and dancing and dancing…
Techno…did you ever danced the latin way to techno music?

You should do this its GREAT. Ok actually its shit, but its funny like hell…

Ok stay tuned

The next stories will come soon.


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Hy there Couchsurfers and the rest of the world.

This is the beginning of my the stories…

My first couchsurfing experience..was ….how to say it…not soooo great.

I had two girls in my flat and really i was excited about this, i would do so many thinks with these girls.
Show them the City, went to the biggest Partys and so on…but unfortunatly the girls don’t like me so much (at least i thought it so).
Thats why they decided to hang around for their own and to be very quiet whenever i came in my flat or we just met to change the keys.

Crazy…i was shocked about this becouse i really want to hang out with them.

In the end we went one (1!) time out together and it was relly ok, but they had to leave the next day so…jeah thats it..

Ahhhh now the whole stories come back in my mind…
So maybe the second couchsurfer story is a little bit better…(not for me but just keep reading it).

The second couchsurfers came from Germany (Münster, but who cares..), they wanted to make a little trip in Berlin just to have fun and maybe some parties (ok thats what they told me, but in the end they only want to see their friends.)
So there we are, my two couchsurfing girls from Germany and I, we decided after a little conversation to go out together to the “Bundespressestrand” (actually it is a beach bar) and drink a little bit.
On our way to this location they told me they want to meet a friend, i thought “ok more people = more fun!” what a big mistake.

We went to the beach bar, get a litte drink … ok maybe two, it was boring like hell and so I decided to meet some of my friends and get really drunk!
Yeah the night was great, at least I think it was great becouse i can’t remember anything of this night 🙂
Next morning Thomas comes back a little bit drunk, went to his bathroom and….

Now we have to stop the time and just express a little bit what happened

Thomas wants to piss, no he NEEEDED to piss.

So he opened his toilett and…yeah just saw an ugly – crazy see of blood and in the middle of it a single tampon full of shit.

So Thomas decided just to chuck up every single drink of the last night and maybe every single food of the last two months.

After 2 hours cleaning, chucking and cleaning the toilett was clean and thomas stomach was ok.

SOO he called the girls and scream up to them that they can go and fuck theirselfs – ok actually this was very rude and i think Thomas should be ashamed about this.

3 Hours later the Girls left Thomas flat, they felt the same as Thomas – this connection was not right.

So thats the end of my first Storys.
Stay tuned there will be more soon.


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