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Yeah hi again my lovely Couchsurfing friends.

So there they are the new Couchsurfing Stories.

My third experience to be a host is now 3 months ago…it was one of the best experiences.

I had two french girls in my flat – beautiful, intelligent, funny and always smiling.

So we had a lot fun together, i showed them the City and all of the great signs in Berlin.

The last day we went out together, as always with my couchsurfers i get really drunk – they to, so we decided to party the whole night together.

At 9 o’clock in the morning we went back to my flat.

In this night 5 people asked me for drugs, 2 want to sell me drugs, 3 people started to make love in the middle of a club and the rest was drunk like hell and dancing and dancing…
Techno…did you ever danced the latin way to techno music?

You should do this its GREAT. Ok actually its shit, but its funny like hell…

Ok stay tuned

The next stories will come soon.


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