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I loved this Blog but it’s time for a change, even if it’s a little one.
Couchsurfing Blog – The new one is ready.


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Hi Couchsurfers,
some Weeks ago I was in Stuttgart and met a Girl who is on Couchsurfing to.
It was nice with her in my old home City….
Damn i miss Stuttgart.
A couchsurfing Girl in Stuttgart

A couchsurfing Girl in Stuttgart

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Hi there Couchsurfers,

so your Host is back – and all the requests i get are really nice. Not the Spam-usual shit, more personal.
I think this Blog was a good decision, becouse since i begun writing the requests i get are getting better and the people more like me.

So thanks to all Couchsurfing People.



Couchsurfing Berlin Host


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Hi there Couchsurfers,

so some new stories about your Couchsurfing Host or more about his flat.
My flat is in the middle of Berlin at the Border to Kreuzberg, so it’s very central more then you think when you see it the first time.
I have a fridge, kitchen, laundry, tv, radio and everything else you need (and I need 🙂
There are two rooms, one is my sleeping room the other ist the Couchsurfing Sleeping room (with the TV a big table and one guestbed) – so enough free space i think for everybody.

I’m leaving at the bottom of the Building there is a garden in front of my house and in my area are some clubs.
Not far from me there is the “Warschauer Straße” – there is a big party street, for all couchsurfers a great place to be.

At the first night usually i go out with my Couchsurfing People to one of the best Bars in the World – the Riva Bar.

Maybe you know it?

So thats it for the Moment from your Couchsurfing Host Thomas.

Stay tuned for more 


Couchsurfing Host

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Hi Couchsurfing People…

this is priceless…

No comment

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Hey Couchsurfing people..

Yesterday i saw this vid again:

So i was thinking…why we I shouldn’t do something like this with my next couchsurfers…

SO my next couchsurfers and I will make a crazy video like this!

So stay tuned..it will be available soon.

Best wishes

Your couchsurfing Berlin Host


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Hey Couchsurfers…
The Berlin Couchsurfing Host is back.

After 1 Month without Couchsurfers i’m back…
Today some girls from Mexico will come, i know them from some Couchsurfers that my friend had at the beginning of this year.

Hopefully the new mexican girls will be as great as the old ones 🙂

So stay tuned in the next days there will be more and new (or old 🙂 stories.

Your Couchsurfing Host


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