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Hey Couchsurfers,

there is new Couchsurfer look at him at say welcome to him!

There we go!

Your Couchsurfing Berlin Host



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Hm … Hey Couchsurfers…I just found a domain called couchsurfer . de

crazy shit yet another affiliate shit.

Can please someone buy this domain and make something real out of it?

Maybe I can report this to google…

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Some selfwritten stuff in German at the top of the side and the translation on the bottom of the side.

Have fun


Ich bin gefangen in einer Welt die ich nicht verstehe.
Manchmal verliere ich mich in dieser Welt,
manchmal verliert sich die Welt in mir.

Doch vor allem bin ich,
oft nur noch der Schatten meiner selbst.

Jahre vergingen, Jahre kamen – oft war ich nur Zuschauer.

Nun habe ich begonnen das Leben,
– mein Leben –
neu zu schreiben.

Denn jeden Tag öffne ich eine neue Seite,
ohne jede unbeschriebene Seite ist wie eine Anklage.

So schreibe ich,
in das Buch meines Lebens und hoffe
dass ich…
dieses Buch nicht mehr alleine beschreibe.


I’m a prisoner in a World that I can’t understand.
Sometimes I loose myself in this World,
sometimes this World seems to loose itself in me.

But mainly I am,
only the shadow of myself.

Years come and go often i was only a spectator.
Now i begun to write my life.

Because every day there is a new page in the book of my life,
and every empty page is charge for myself.

So I write,
in the book of my life and hope
I am not longer alone with writing in this book.

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Hello Couchsurfer,

now the Horror Stories, unfortunatly i can’t remember when these couchsurfers where in my flat but this was really crazy.

Ok 2 guys from Spain wrote me: “Hey it’s an emergency we need a host, tonight!!”
I thought ok, no problem they wanted to stay two days maybe this could be fun.

Yeah acutally they didn’t tell me that they are gay, ok thats not the biggest problem.
But when you woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning becouse of a monotone noise like “bump bump bump” then it’s getting a little bit strange.
I thought maybe there is someone at my door and so i decided to walk to my door, unfortunatly i had to walk through the room of my couchsurfers to come to my door.

And then…jeah…they had sex and for them there was no reason to stop it when i opened the door.
It was…destruction for my sexual life.

In the end the guys where ok, they apologized this accident a long time.

The next Story

Two french girls they went on satturday morning to my flat and want to stay until sunday evening.
At satturday noon they get two guys, went to my flat and had sex with them.
Two hours later they get 2 guys and had sex with them.
Four hours later…

Ok in the end they started at satturday noon to have sex with some random guys and they finished at sunday evening 1 hour before they wanted to leave.

That was CRAZY like hell!
Girls when you read this, please, couchsurfing is not a hotel and so please be a little bit more amicable.

Ok stay tuned the next stories will come soon.


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