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Hey Couchsurfers,
In the last days a got many mails with some couchsurfing basic questions here are the answers:

Why should I couchsurfing?

1. Couchsurfing is a cheap way to travel
2. Couchsurfing is not a Hotel or Escort Service
3. Cochsurfing gives you the chance to get a little impression about the real stuff in a city.
4. Couchsurfing stands for peace, love and harmony – so thats a big think

How can I get a couch in Berlin (for example)?

Get a Profile on one of the couchsurfing websites, show the people who you are and what you stand for.
Then send a request to some hosts, no don’t spam all the hosts you find.
Surely you get a chance to couchsurf, be patient and nice then everything will be good.

Why do you write this stuff?

Because I’m tired to tell the same stories again and again – with this my friends can read the newest stories….

Can you host me?

Sorry at the moment I’รถ change my flat and so…yeah not the best idea to host people ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace and Love to all of you.
Couchsurfing is great!!

Your Couchsurfing Berlin Host.



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Couchsurfing Horror Stories Reloaded

Yeah after my very crazy and sometimes very bad experiences I thought it could be not worser.
What a mistake...

I had 3 American Girls in my flat, two from Vermont and one from New York.
First of all they where to early at my flat so I can’t clean it before…that made me a little bit unconfortable but ok..
Second they didn’t speak a lot.

But ok we went out together the first night, I was really drunk (without alkohol I can’t listen to them..)
and it was ok.

Then I made a joke (ok an bad ironic one but I told them..).
I have a very big knife (picture below) and I said in a funny way (because they asked what I am doing with this knife) “tonight I will kill you all with this knife, thats my couchsurfing killer knife”.

Knife of the Death

Knife of the Death

Ok let’s take a look.
They where scared like hell and I can’t understand this, because really this fucking knife is only for cooking and I told them maybe 100 times it was just a Joke.

In this night between 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock they run away from my flat…
Thats so amazing crazy…

OK girls when you read this:
There is no place to hide! HRHRHRHR


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Hey here are some Impressions of Berlin.

Maybe the other couchsurfers will know what Berlin is…

Here we are:

The Sony Center in Berlin

The Sony Center in Berlin

The Berlin Cathedral and the TV Tower

The Berlin Cathedral and the TV Tower

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