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Hey there today my Topic will be “couch surfen” and some other “Denglish” stuff.

Maybe you should know that the Germans are used to “improve” their language.
So they say “Handy” to a Mobilphone (= it’s a mix up out of Hand and Telephon) also the Germans love to say
when they finished an Upload “upgeloadet” or when they finish an Donwload “downgeloadet”.
Even the most scary think for me is the “meeten” when they want to go into a meeting.

If think the Germans are sometimes a little bit crazy .. but hey i’m crazy to.

SO your Couchsurfing Host will say sometimes stuff like “Handy” or else…
Please be patient i’m working on it 🙂
Best wishes
Your Couchsurfing Host on “couch surfen”



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