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I loved this Blog but it’s time for a change, even if it’s a little one.
Couchsurfing Blog – The new one is ready.


Win a Free Ipod

WOW at this Couchsurfing Blog you can Win a Ipod!
Great Idea to get an Ipod for making pictures of your couch…or what do you think?

HI Couchsurfers,

so a little Statement from me to this Blog.

I Love Couchsurfing and I miss many of my last Couchsurfers..
For example my Polish Girls, or my Mexican Girls or…or…or…

So I will make a List of the 10 best Couchsurfing People I had until now…(and yeah maybe there is a list with the 10 hotest Chicks i had on my Couch …)

So please stay tuned for more…

Ah .. Something important:

Some people aks me what i’m doing the whole day…
look at this maybe you can figure it out…

What am I doing?

What am I doing?

creezy – creezy?

What the hell does it mean?
Yeah…nobody knows…
But the Germans search for it…
Strange .. or creezy??

Hi peole,

a few days ago i visited my home City Stuttgart.
It was great to be back again…but also a little bit scary.
Becouse the people there are so different from the people in Berlin.
A little bit more conservative, closed minded and so on…
Thats strange, you must imagine two Cities in the same Country like Black an White..

Here are some Pictures i took from my trip…

Stuttgart - Schlossplatz

Stuttgart - Schlossplatz

Stuttgart Killesberg

Stuttgart Killesberg

Hi Couchsurfers,
these are two Couchsurfing Girls i hosted in Berlin.
Really great Girls, i miss them both…
Take Care of you Girls!!!!!
Two Girls form Mexico i hosted

Two Girls form Mexico i hosted